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Dauntless Motoryacht Bausatz

Dumas are pleased to be able to take you back to an era of elegance. In 1946 Sparkman and Stevens designed a 66 ft. commuter boat for the express purpose of carrying commuters down the Hudson River into New York. What a glorious way to beat the traffic. These commuters were used by their owners as everyday transportation to and from work, and for pleasure trips to their favorite spots. The most famous of these commuters was the Dauntless. The Dauntless was owned by a prominent New York family. They undoubtedly considered the Dauntless a great diversion from their day to day business dealings. The days of the Dauntless are gone but you can bring them back. The Dauntless features top quality construction materials. The kit is made almost entirely of 1/8 in. mahogany plywood. All parts are cleanly die-cut, and we have included a variety of detail parts including 38 cast metal fittings. The size of the Dauntless leaves the door wide open for different powering methods. The obvious choices would be scale electric power, high speed electric power, or twin gas power, but you may have your own ideas. Use running hardware kit #2332 for all twin screw, twin power methods in the Dauntless.

Technische Daten
Länge 1257 mm
Breite 356 mm
Maßstab 1:16

Power 2 Dumas #2004 6 volt motors or #2005 12 volt motors, 2 High Speed electric motors, 2 3.5cc or larger gas marine engines
Running Hardware #2332 for all twin screw powering methods

Schwierigkeitsstufe Bau (1=sehr einfach … 5=Experte) 4 sehr erfahren **** Kategorie/Sparte Funktionsmodell Erfahrungslevel für den Betrieb von Funktionsmodellen Fortgeschrittene ++ Antrieb Elektromotor Abmessungen Maßstab 1:16 Gesamtlänge 1257 mm Breite 356 mm Konstruktion Material Rumpf Holz Material Aufbauten Holz Rumpfbauweise Kiel und Spanten Beplankung Sperrholz 3 mm