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Rusty Shrimps-Boot
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We have put the finishing touches on a brand new 1/24th scale model of Coastal
Waterways Shrimp boat appropriately named Rusty. Rusty the Shrimp Boat is a
stereotypical Coastal Shrimper. Equipped with outriggers, trawl boards, nets,
cleaning benches and coolers, good old Rusty has everything you need for a
successful day’s catch.

This 36″ model features balsa planking over laser cut poplar plywood frames. The
cabin and pilot house are constructed from die-cut expanded pvc with laser cut
plywood frames. The kit includes all of the material for the scaffolding, nets,
outriggers and so much more, A massive instruction booklet and corresponding
figure set walks you step-by-step through construction. And for an added bonus
this is one of the best running boats in the line. If you have been looking for
something out of the ordinary look no further than Rusty the Shrimp Boat. Colors
and Glue are not included.

Technical Data:
Length: 914 mm / 36 inch
Beam: 228 mm / 9 inch
Scale: 1:24

Additional parts required to power and radio control the model:
– MAX Power 600
– Electronic Speed Control
-7.2v Battery Pack
-Two Channel Radio

Running Hardware not included:
Propshaft 300 mm with Tube
Three Blade Brass Propeller 40 mm dia.

Please note some of the running hardware parts are called for early in the
construction of the model.

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